Michigan Small Business Acquisition, Sale, or Dissolution

There are few moments during the life of any business that stand out as historic.  The acquisition, sale, or dissolution of any business qualifies as the type of major decision that is looked back upon for years.  The outcome can be one of the major decisions of your business career.  

For a purchase, it is important to have the business established on the proper footing to give the business the best chance at long-term success.  A business that will be sold must provide to you the best possible return for your years of hard work.  The dissolution of a business, its final act, must be accomplished so as to minimize your risk.

When it is a major business decision that has long-term consequences, rely on appropriate guidance to ensure that you obtain the best result. 

Small Business Acquisition 

It is an exciting moment when a small business decides to expand its operations through the acquisition of another company.  This can be accomplished through the outright purchase of the other company or through an asset sale.  

We share your goals in seeing your small business flourish.  The acquisition of a new business can offer many advantages.  Financing is often more obtainable because the risk associated with an established business is more easily calculated.  Further, the business will have an established customer base, employees, and established suppliers.  

We focus on small business and can provide the due diligence, deal structuring, and assess the benefits and risks for you. 

Small Business Sale

When the time comes for a business owner to sell a business, it is important to avoid the uncertainty of the handshake deal.  You have worked hard to build your business to what it is today, minimize your risk and ensure that you obtain a fair return for the sale of your small business.

The sale of your business is the result of your careful deliberation and is a major decision.  As with any important business decision, the sale of your business calls for careful preparation.  A business with all of its legal and financial records in order is more attractive to a purchaser.  Success under these circumstances follows the well-organized and prepared seller.  

Our focus during the sale process is to ensure that your business is ready to sell, negotiate the structure of the deal, and prepare the necessary legal documents.

Small Business Dissolution 

The life cycle for many small businesses will lead to dissolution.  Whether the reason is driven by the market or it is merely your desire to transition into another chapter of your life, it is important to establish the right framework to dissolve your company to avoid the potential risk of future litigation.  

Whether you were the sole manager of your business or if you worked with partners or shareholders, the dissolution process can be wrought with potential disputes.  Issues can appear as to asset distribution, property rights, creditor rights, business valuation and each individual partner or member’s interest in the company.  

Avoid the pitfalls and disputes that can arise during the dissolution process.  During the dissolution process, we take a comprehensive approach to avoid potential problems and resolve disputes in a timely and economical manner.  

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