Michigan Business Transaction & Contract Lawyer

Business transactions and the resulting contract must be done in a meticulous and comprehensive way.  It is important to rely on the advice of an attorney for your business transactions and contracts to avoid unacceptable risks associated with a bad agreement.  Further, if you are embroiled in a dispute over the terms of a contract, an attorney can provide the direction necessary to resolve issues in an efficient and economical way.  Your goal as an entrepreneur is to get back to your business without concern regarding the deals and transactions you rely upon.

Business Transactions & Deal Negotiation

A business will conduct numerous transactions every day and the majority of transactions will occur without concern as to risk.  Many transactions, regardless of size, are of major importance to your business.  

Further, it is often the case where the terms of the transaction are negotiable.  Relying on legal counsel can identify risks while ensuring that a deal is structured in the best possible manner.

Structuring the deal is only a piece of the pie.  While every business transaction presents the opportunity of risk, those risks can be minimized.  A business transaction should not expose your business to unacceptable risk.  

For any type of transaction encountered, we conduct strategic analysis and planning to minimize the likelihood of litigation and ensure that the business does not assume unacceptable risk.

Contract Review & Dispute Resolution

Every business deal or transaction will typically culminate in a contract.  The contract is at the heart of a business transaction.  It will govern your relationship with those who affect your business.  Because your business is made by those relationships, no contract is trivial.  

It is important to rely on an attorney to protect the expectations you have from a contractual relationship.  A clear and unambiguous contract that all parties understand is the groundwork to establish the dynamic business relationship that your business expects.

We prepare and review client contracts, provide the necessary analysis, and negotiate the contract terms to ensure that your interests are protected and to reduce your exposure to liability.  During this process, potential risks will be identified to prevent you from entering into a bad transaction.

If a dispute arises, legal counsel can provide the proper direction to resolve issues in an efficient and cost effective manner.  On occasion, a dispute cannot be resolved merely through discussion or mediation but require litigation.  When litigation is necessary, we will litigate the issues to obtain your best result.

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