Probate & Estate Administration

When one passes away in Michigan, the estate is handled by a court managed process called probate administration.  This process will manage and distribute the assets of the deceased.  Every estate is different and as a result the time required to probate an estate will vary.    

Although every circumstance is different, the process to take an estate through probate court requires a series of important steps.  First, a petition will be filed in probate court and notice will be provided to heirs.  Next a petition will be filed to appoint the personal representative for the estate.    

Probate has the potential to be a costly and time consuming affair.  Every estate is different and the time and cost can vary widely.  Factors to consider are the value and complexity of the estate, whether a Will is available, and whether different jurisdictions are involved.  Disputes by creditors over debts of the estate must also be taken into account.  Further, Will contests can quickly lead to litigation greatly increasing the cost and time to distribute assets. 

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