Real Estate Landlord and Tenant Law

The lease agreement is the foundation of every residential or commercial real estate business.  Depending on your circumstances, you may own the residential or commercial space or lease it to operate your business.  As a party to the lease agreement, you rely on its terms and the relationship developed with the other person who signed the lease.  Unfortunately, a misunderstanding can occur as to each party’s expectations under the agreement often causing litigation.

These situations are stressful and have the potential to consume time and money.  It is important to enlist an attorney early to reduce the impact of a residential or commercial lease dispute.  A dispute that is addressed early often is quickly resolved through alternative dispute methods.  This approach can provide an efficient and cost effective resolution.

We will aggressively seek a resolution to your dispute in all areas of residential or commercial real estate lease and contract law, including: 

  • Draft and review commercial and residential lease agreements
  • Lease disputes and litigation
  • Property eviction 
  • Renters' rights disputes
  • Occupancy and Zoning 
  • Building Code Litigation

Whether you deal with multiple properties or an individual unit, we can address your issues and draft the appropriate documents.  Please contact the Law Offices of Jerome & McLean for assistance.

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