Towing Industry Law

The Law Offices of Jerome & McLean has a long history of representing the towing industry including companies of all sizes.  

There are countless situations that can result in a tow company incurring liability.  The laws related to towing companies are often unlike those affecting normal business operations.  It is important to contact a law firm that has been involved with the tow industry for many years.  David E. Jerome has served as the Executive Secretary of the Michigan Towing Association for over 30 years.  Our firm has been at the forefront of towing industry law and regulation in the State of Michigan and nationally.  

We can provide service in the following areas: 

  • Requests for proposal for municipal, county, and MSP towing bid 
  • Abandoned vehicle issues 
  • Conversion claims 
  • SAFER rating and contests
  • Obtain Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) authorities
  • Draft and implement workplace and employee handbooks
  • Overweight, oversize, and statute/regulation violations
  • Damage to vehicle claims
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